Table Spliting?

we can split a ticket. but can we split a table. let say there is a big table 10. on this table two different customers come and sit. how will take two orders on same table and settle two different payments?


Add Ticket button will create a new ticket for the same table.

but that button remain disable i tried to do that

i order close the ticket and then open ticket to click on add ticket but button was diabled

can you check the mappings settings for Add ticket…

what should the mapping be? mine is same as shown on screen

when order is in waiting state the add ticket is disabled.

sorry can you check the mappings for the close ticket… i did not see your screen capture before i posted this.

Do you have a ‘Add ticket’ Automation commands?
if not create one with above mappings (as per above seen capture).

Enabled States set to: Unpaid,Locked

in my configuration Close Ticket is configured/mapped as per below:

Looks like you are using the Kitchen Display. Therefore you need to also add any of those status’ too.
Waiting, Preparing & Delivered.