Table ticket not accessible from entity screen when created via API

When a table ticket is created via the API, the entity will show in-use but when the table is clicked, a new ticket is created. After closing that new ticket without adding anything, the table entity is set to available.

I have to be missing something somewhere, not setting something I should somewhere, or who knows.

Anyone have some tips on what I should be checking?


Table 01 has a ticket created via the API. Table 02 is a manually-created ticket.

Entity state values after both tickets created.

Entity state values after table 01 is selected then closed:

Join showing various entity information on the two tickets. Both tables have the proper entity set, and are linked to a ticket.

First we need to know what version you are using because we are heavily improving GQL. If you are spending any time or resources with it I would wait at least for version 5.3.8 to be released

Still using 5.3.0 right now.

What is the ETA for 5.3.8? The JSON api response format is going to change completly?

No eta and I do not have any specifics. I don’t recall talking about a json response format.

Is this a situation that may be addressed in coming updates?

As far as I can tell the entity state values, ticket entities, etc. are identical whether the ticket is manually created or done via the API.

The tables entity screen shows that the entity is not available, but there doesn’t seem to be a ticket associated with it.

please disregard my questions

With the help of intellisense, I fat fingered the combo box name and the dine-in ticket type was being set as the delivery ticket type when the entity screen is set for the dine-in ticket type.

Sorry to waste your time.

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