Take away orders for restaurant

Ive been trying to sort out a takeaway section for my restaurant. I will explain the flow so you can understand how we work.

1 Customer calls to place order.
2 Waiter ask if its collection or delivery
3 Recalls customer details or creates new customer details
4 Take order
5 If delivery, Address is printed and bill is printed and kitchen copy in the back. If collection then only kitchen copy is printed.
6. Order is sent for delivery and settled once driver returns
Collection order is settled once customer arrives

On top of this we need an option for a customer who arrives at the restaurant and waits for the order. This is settled straight away once order is placed.

I also need the collection and delivery orders to be displayed but i can use the ticket lister widget from the delivery tutorial.

Thanks in advance for your help


Ticket Lister Widget can list whatever ticket state you want them to display. You can edit existing widget or create new widget it doesn’t matter.

Everything you said can be done. Nothing special. Just start to dive in and you can have more specific questions.

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