Task Editor Custom Data Filter


TLDR: I am currently trying to figure out a way if there was a way to not display certain tasks, and am trying to figure out how the Custom Data Filter works.

I am using a task editor as a KDS, and have orders displayed onto the screen.
The thing is our restaurant has A LOT of orders that are placed in advance, and I would like to make it so that the future tasks/orders are not displayed until a predetermined minutes before hand.

Ideally I would like the flow to be like:
It is 10:30AM
An order is placed for pickup at 8:00PM
Order is displayed at 7:30PM

So I was thinking that if I do a custom data filter it might work, but I’m having an issue working that out…

Any help is appreciated!

What if you hold the order status before sending to KDS, set a ticket tag with the due date and use report to get ticket id which has pending orders and trigger events to send the orders to KDS automatically, I have not tried but I think it could be possible in this way