Task Editor Widget Auto Refresh issue (Kitchen Display)



Do you think I should test without + to see if it’s related to the different type of message server?


When + used it enables new Message server implementation and we didn’t encountered an issue with it for a long time. If you haven’t used it I’d recommend to use it. Old implementation uses direct TCP connection. If it is a network related issue testing it will be useful but if it is a widget issue there will be no difference.

I’m thinking about how we can diagnose it…


It will be a good idea to test if mapping entity screen will help or not. If it happens again I’m wondering if clicking on entity screen button fixes it or not.

btw I checked Task Editor history and it didn’t received an update since more than a year. When I think about it I don’t remember a widely used setup based on task widget but I’ll be surprised if such issue exists and we didn’t noticed it until now :slight_smile:


Thanks you’ve given me a few things I can test out. I’ll try it tomorrow when I can test again (when restaurant is closed) and will let you know.


Actually when I think back some time ago I did have some similar update issues with a kitchen display using task editor not updating like this. I never went into it further as it just started working again so put it down to development system where database was changed a lot etc and client never mentioned any issues. So there could be an issue for a while and nobody said. But I think Q used task editor for his kitchen display and he also built task based version in his QMX, so I assume he didn’t have any issues.


If we can spot the reason of the issue I can implement a logger to find the bug. It can be widget, message server or message server client. If you think we should focus on widget I can add loggers for that but as label widget also does not update I started to think it might be entity screen or widget updater.


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I added a Task Editor Widget setting named “Disable Cache” for next update. It will help us to understand if it is a caching issue or not.


I did more testing yesterday I will update here shortly, but in short - no difference if mapped entity screen, clicking entity screen to ensure it’s active doesn’t make a difference, task editor and label widgets update differently, label widget seems doesn’t update in most cases. There was a bit of weirdness and worked once then didn’t work, I’ll post videos later today just have to finish something urgent right now.