Tax and service buttom

hi good people, is anyone of you can help me how to configure tax and service button.? so i can simlply decide witch ticket with tax and service and witch ticket without tax and service charge. thank you

Tax is setup is tax template mapping.
Service charge can be done in many ways.
Search the forum, both are well documented.

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thank you Jtrtech for your respon. i couldn’t find any… i try to search but nothing. can you help me pleas how to?? thank you

This really has been covered many times, but you need to be more flexible when considering what to search for. You might be the first person to want a “tax and service button” but have a think about other similar things that a restaurant might use and you may find more results. For example, although nobody else wants a “service and tax” button, other people probably have wanted to handle tips or to handle tax. Search for these things, read a few different threads and you’ll start to get your ahead around things.

I am new here too, and it does take a little while to understand how things work, but once you do there are many opportunities. For example, right now you might be thinking you have not yet found a program setting for “Ask for service changes on payment”… This is not the way SambaPOS works. There is not such option in the program settings. You should consider SambaPOS a framework for you to add functionality to.

Service charges, tips, cashback, surcharges, price rounding are all applied using a “Calculation” from Tickets > Calculation Types. A calculation adds or subtracts money from a ticket. This money is assigned to particular accounts using a specific Transaction type.

A calculation can either be applied…

  • automatically by using Tickets > Calculation Selectors
  • using Mappings you can specify if a certain calculation should be applied for a certain type of ticket, or user
  • automatically using a Tickets > Payment Types > Payment processor
  • this allows for surcharges for certain payments - eg. Credit Cards
  • this allows for rounding for certain payments - eg. Cash
  • programatically using Automation > Rules
  • You can create buttons using Automation > Automation Commands and create a rule to activate the calculation when a particular command button in pressed.
  • this allows you to trigger a particular calculation based on some other logic (eg if the customer orders a Pizza then a tip calculation for the Pizza chef is added).

So, if you go an search based on some of the things I have put in bold I think you will start to see some results for how you can achieve what you are looking for.