Tax Calculation

Hello ,
I’m Trying to add multiple tax tamplates .
2 Sales Accounts
2 Account Transaction Types

I add the value “included tax” on tickets
When I add the first template (ex:tamplate example 13%) i saw this

and ta last . for testing I add only the 13% TAX

what im doin wrong ?

thank you

Seems correct to me.

Or did you want the price to be 1,00 + TAX 13%?

In that case you should not “include tax” on ticket … because that means the tax is included in price


yes this is correct i want to include the TAX in price but whem im printing the ticket I use
[=F( (TN('{TOTAL PRICE}')) * 0.13 )] but the correct is [=F( (TN('{TOTAL PRICE}')) / 1.13 )] ?

I think it was my fault , just i saw it :smiley:

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Oh, is the problem on printing?

You can use these tags to show TAXES:

They will need to be in the taxes section of the template remember.