Tax error when using round

I have just noticed a issue with tax when the round or discount calculations are used at settle screen.
If I add an item (€100) with tax rate set to 23% (Tax total €18.70) and round it by €95 (exaggerated use case) the tax total does not change.

Is it possible to assign a default tax rate to the round so taxes are calculated properly?

If not I plan to add a discount and round item and set there price to negative which seems to balance out the tax from my quick tests. Is there an issue with implementing it this way or is the default method the correct way to achieve this?

Its because your ticket/department has prices set to be tax inclusive.
Change your round calculation type to UNTICK include tax.


What @JTRTech suggests is correct. Rounding applies to “after tax” amount so tax does not change.

Thanks, I knew it was something I was doing wrong at my end. I’m sure if there was an issue present it would have been brought up long before now.

Thanks again.

The wording of the option is maybe not the most intuitive to be fair, before/after tax rather than include maybe better way of describing but is what it is.

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