Tax is wrong- showing 10 when it should be 11

I have sales tax configured but why is the system not calculating it correctly?
Its supposed to be 11% but its showing for 10%



Your doing tax included?

11% of 90 is 9.9 it’s rounded to 10. You can try 2 decimal rounding to get the 9.9

Yes I did tax included. I honestly do not know what I am doing.
I wish this had a tax system built in and all I had to do was at the percent and be done with it.
This is confusing and not finding a straight forward good tutorial on simply setting up a sales tax.

Tax included price has tax in the price. It’s not 11% of 1.00

That is standard how to calculate tax included.

What we should see, is $1.00 then 11% tax on that dollar, should be $1.11.

So don’t use tax included

That worked. See… I don’t know what I am doing. :slight_smile:



No your fine most people don’t understand how tax included works. Glad you figured it out.