Tax total not correct

i recently added sambapos4 in my restaurant.
i added 6% ,12% and 21% tax rate as it is in Belgium for different products
i also did everything as in the tutorial but when i calculate the tax rate calculated by shamba. its not acurate value,its always less with few cents or more with few cents. its never calculate the real value of tax .i don’t know why.can anyone help me please

Probably rounding issue. Can you show some screenshots?

tax is 6% but the calcutation is not correct

Are you saying it should be 0.66?

Can you show screenshot of your Tax Template your using?

It looks to me like the Tax is included in the Price, in which case, the calculation is correct.

10.377 is the price of the product with the tax excluded (11 / 1.06).
0.62 is 6% of the above value (10.38 * 0.06).
11.00 is the Total of the two (10.38 + 0.62).

To change this behavior, look at the Ticket Type settings, and uncheck the box for Tax Included:

Manage > Tickets > Ticket Types > Ticket

yes.i didnt noticed that.thank you