Terminal Id on Account Transactions

I am trying to do separate payment reports for each terminal.
Standard sale payments are fine, but I cannot find a link back to a terminal Id for account payments.
Is the terminal Id stored at the time of payment for account payments?

The Transaction Tables in the DB contain no reference to anything else.

In the case of a Sale through a Ticket, the Tickets table references the Tx Doc (and probably the Terminal and Department among other things).

For Account Payments, there is no Table in the DB to track that. The Transaction records will certainly be there in the Tx Doc Tables, but that is it.

Unless you set up a Custom Automation flow using Create Account Transaction Document to set the Description field to contain the Terminal information in some way, then you will not have any links to anything.

That ^ is what I do a lot of the time, rather than using the default method via Account Screens. Then I can Report on the Tx Doc by filtering the Description field.

Ok I just created a separate document type for each terminal and mapped them as such.
The description for each then are Cash payment T1, Cash Payment T2 etc and I can filter these out via SQL.

It would be cleaner If the terminal Id was stored in the database but this seems to be a workaround.