Terminal lost license

I have a terminal that won’t activate my license. Power went out this morning and when I turned everything back on one terminal says its in trial mode. Searched the forums and looks like I need to login to sambamarket and reset keys but I can’t login. Is the username and password the same as the one to login to samba forums? Can’t login to the website or through the POS.

No, sambamarket is seperate to the forum, you would have registered when you bought licence.

You may need to talk to @Tayfun anyway as they are mid ‘upgrade’ on samba market.

Apparently someone/thing sent me a new password to my email automatically (probably while I was starting this thread!!) and my problem is solved!! Thanks @JTRTech once again for the quick response!

Someone is watching you be careful :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Big Brother is everywhere… LOL