Terminal Mixed Up?

Just passing by to know if anyone experienced this issue, I have a SERVER and to it we have 3 Android Tablets … all are running with Windows XP patch to allow multiple remote connections…

Yet somehow tablets lose their terminal configuration and return to being Server… and worst is that Server sometimes changes to Android.

I am still “studying” this situation but was wondering if anyone else experienced it before?

Id suggest you run a legal version of windows as you will only ever have problems with “patches”. I thought windows had fixed this so you couldnt have multiple connections @Jesse is prob the best to answer this if it is the same issue that someone has before?

Its because your controlling the server with the tablet. Its not a different instance of samba. You should define different users and user paths for each terminal.

PS we are actively testing version 5 which will have some very cool new features. I highly recommending upgrading to at least windows 7 and Sambapos 4. The plus is windows 10 will be free if you own windows 7 or higher even pirated versions which blew my mind when I read that news especially the pirated version news.

I figured its something like that, any links on how to define user paths to each terminal?

I read that too! So far my preference goes to Windows 7 and of course sambapos 4, cant wait for the 5…
I am not quite sure about pirated Windows 10, upgrading to it is one thing… but will it activate and be considered “legal”?
I can see how free upgrade for everyone is a huge marketing move, imagine the whole world becoming a Windows 10… nice move Microsoft!

Yes it will activate and be legal. Microsoft themself announced it.

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