Terminal without printer

I have the following setup:
1 server
1 cash drawer + 2 receipt printers

This is all working fine…

I would like to add another terminal which is standalone… no cash register or printer… this will be used in a separate department. The biggest problem in this one is windows 10, and there is no drivers for it, so I cannot install them in the new computer. There is a way when I send to print give the order in the old computer to print? Everything is working perfect except the printer. The printer are POS58, something not expensive from china, but working fine with 8.1

You will be adding the printer from one of the older terminals via network share for which I believe the client of the share will need drivers for the printer.

Have you tried using the generic text printer driver?

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Thanks to be so fast. I will try now!

Even a shared printer will require a driver to be installed on your stand-alone Terminal.

Here is some information on installing drivers in compatibility-mode.


Scroll through the article to the section where it describes troubleshooting compatibility. You should be able to install Win 7 drivers on Win 10.