Terminals have a delay

I’ve noticed my 2 terminals hesitate when changing entity screens and sometimes adding product orders to tickets. Server works fine though with no hesitation (even if I use it remotely through TeamViewer. I’m still using SQL 2012, would/could this cause the issue?

Are your 2 terminals wired or wireless?
What are your terminal hardware specifications?
I.E How much RAM do they have, are you using ssd hard drive?, what cpu are you using?

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Terminals are wired.
Both are Acer:
Intel® Pentium® CPU J2900 @ 2.41GHz
4 GB Ram

I use the HD that’s in the Server
Server also is Acer but beefier with 8GB Ram

Delays like this usually suggest one of the following;
Network congestion.
High number of reporting tags in entity button formatting/header with large number of entities on screen.
Large number of order added rules or complex constraints/expressions.
Poor/overly complicated constraints/expressions.


But even then, with a beefed up system like that, surely it’s not taking up that much cpu and memory power that it would cause delay.

4gb ram is plenty for terminal, and 8gb is enough for server. the j2900 is also powerful enough to process things.

Unless the caching is somehow been affected.
I recall at very beginning of setups, it takes a slight second more to load things, but once loaded, its usually cached and resources are barely used.

But in saying that, it is true, the more complex your setup and report generation is, the more processing resources it uses causing slight delays.


Delay is about 3-5 seconds changing from my Tables entity screen to my Customers entity screen or from Customers to Tables. Problem is getting worse so maybe it is a cache issue. Don’t have a lot of reporting setup but my Entity screens have about 30 buttons on each and have since I originally set it up 2 years ago. Could too many buttons be the cause? Haven’t changed any automation since before the delay started either. But wouldn’t any of this cause a delay in the Server as well?

Well since the server machine simply doesn’t have to send information back and forth between terminals, hence why the performance is much better.

Id test your cables, and possibly even another router or switch to check whether the fault is coming from there first. If the issue repeats, then we could check your registry files, check if there is anything else running in the background on your terminals that could be using up resources, check the CPU, and RAM usage, to at least give you an idea if there is anything causing delays in sending and receiving information.


@Chipwagon can you show some screenshots of your Entity Screens? Are you using any custom display states for the entities with Custom report Tags? Those can be very expensive if you have lots of entities… it tries to update them all at once.


Had about 15 different things running in the background of my “Customers” Entity Screen. Thanks JTRTech, Shivan and Kendash for all your help!