Termination of Software after taking Payment


I created a “Take Away” Department and cloned the following for it:

  1. "Print Orders to Kitchen Printer"Job
  2. “Execute Kitchen Orders Print Job” Action
  3. “Close Ticket” Automation Command
    4 “Close Ticket Rule”

There after, I had the following issues:

  1. Close button on Take Away Department dont function.
  2. Software Terminates after receiving Cash

Someone Help Me Please.Thanks

You don’t need to clone those for a new department. It will use the default rules. If we don’t know what the error was it will be hard to help you. Can you copy and paste the detail error?

Thanks Ken,

I have now deleted those clones. What is the possible way to distinguish take away orders to kitchen staff

Thanks, please help me

Use a single department and use ticket tags for takeway or dine in. Look up simple to go

Hi Kendash, can detail the process for me. Am new to this Area


Hi Ken,

This is the error message please. Thanks for your help

Did you set currencies or mess with payment types?

No, I havent set currencies and Payment types

Do i need to install software again?

Please teach me how to use the tags for take away orders

Search of forum pulled up this. Highly recommend using the forum search located in upper right corner of the forum pages. You will get much faster help vs asking and waiting.

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Thanks Ken. My software is not responding at all.

I want to know this, if i uninstall it and install again, would i have my database back?

PLease advice

Shield undo you latest changes and bring it back to the state that previously worked.

That error message looks like a rule issue. For example if you execute “update ticket tag” action inside “ticket tag updated” rule that will be an infinite loop because it infinitely updates ticket tag and it infinitely executes “ticket tag updated” rule.

I have undone all the changes, but was have open tickets in there which related to Take Away department i created. May be i should have settled those tickets before deleting the department.

I just uninstalled and installed software again but problem persist

Please help


Very common for people to think this would work. SambaPOS data is not stored in the software. It is stored in a Database. So deleting the software and reinstalling does nothing. Trust me it is a good thing it works this way.

Are you running SQL express, LocalDB, or CE?

Am running SQLExpress.

So if you can not remember what you did and the problem still persists you have a few options. If you do not have any important data you could delete the database and create a new one. You could backup your database then delete it and create a new one.

You could try to remember the changes you made and revert back.

Or you can give us more information of what you changed and provide screenshots of those rules. Without more information I am sorry we just can not know exactly what to tell you to do.

EDIT: OR If your comfortable with it you could backup your database and PM me a copy I can take a look at it.

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