Text box in entity types

Not at a pc now, but I’m away and a client is asking me how to create a text box not a text field for notes in his customer card entities. I thought it was widestring? But he says it shows 1 single line?

Also, he’s been using a field called “address” to put his notes… is there a script I can use to move or duplicate all information from address to Notes?



Widestring will appear as single line but when you press enter it will allow multiple lines

I made a script for removing data from custom fields, can’t remember why. You can modify it to move the data instead.

function clearCustomField() {
	var entityType = 'Customers';
	var entityCustomField = 'Test';
	// Get entities
	qry = "SELECT count([Name]) as [CT] FROM [Entities] WHERE [EntityTypeId]=(SELECT [Id] FROM [EntityTypes] WHERE [Name]='"+entityType+"')";
	var entityCount = sql.Query(qry).First;
	qry = "SELECT [Name] FROM [Entities] WHERE [EntityTypeId]=(SELECT [Id] FROM [EntityTypes] WHERE [Name]='"+entityType+"') ORDER BY [Name]";
	var entities = sql.Query(qry).Delimit(',').All;
	for (var n = 0; n < entityCount; n++) {
		entityName = entities[n];
		// Clear custom field
	return true;

Awesome cheers Mark