The discount calculated with the original price

Hello everyone,
I have a question, I want the discount calculated with the original price (sub-total) and VAT price remain the same $2.10​ and the total price and the last remaining $13.10 .Please kindly check in picture below thanks
after discount

If understand what you want just change the tax tickbox on the discount calculation.

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I think the issue is the VAT calculation and not the discount. Based on the scenario above VAT is the constant in which it should be calculated based on SubTotal + Tax (Service Charge 5%).

So wouldn’t you need to create a custom calculation for VAT so that you can calculate VAT based on the Total - Discounts?

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Yeah correct when I discount the price. VAT also change price
I need VAT still the same price after I discount or Could you show me some screenshort

I don’t believe the tax definitions support custom calculations such as ignore discounts. You’ll likely need to apply it as a ticket calculation when a ticket is updated. Check out.

That can be done, tax is charged on subtotal, discount after subtotal.
So option of wether discount includes or excludes tax is relative.
The option isn’t always how it sounds as depends on if you set price includes vat on ticket I think.
Just reverse what it’s set to now and try.
Trust me, this is exact senario for the UK eat out scheme where vat was still due on full amount and thats all I did.

Ahh that makes sense. For some reason it wasn’t clicking with me.