The item area on my tablet not showing properly

Hi, I have 2 iBall slide i701 tablets with windows operating system. I have installed and configured the database with server computer smoothly.
The issue I am facing is that while waiter is taking up the order from customer, the change table, select customer, ticket note etc buttons are occupying unusually large space on the screen. while on the other hand the name of items are not visible at all. in effect the waiter cant take orders at all.
Please help me resolve the issue

What is the x/y resolution of that device? The display you show occurs when the height is less than 50% of the width.

You can try changing this setting to see if it helps …

Manage > Settings > Local Settings > Display > Ticket Area Size

HI QMcKay,

Thanks for prompt help. I changed that to 50% and its working perfectly fine now.