The Waiting Order is not disappearing After Selection Deliverer

I import Configuration Task (Advanced Delivery Screen Setup) and its working fine except one issue. I make order and the order is appear in Waiting Orders List then I select my order and click on Rider button and its appear in Delivered Order list but could not disappear from Waiting Order list even the ticket settled it still remain in the Waiting Order List. I do not make any changes in default configuration task of advanced delivery screen so I am confused what is the wrong with my setup So Expert please guide me to solve my this issue. thanks.

Order is created

Rider is selected

Ticket is paid

Hello @nextmedia,

Seems like you overwrite the Advanced Delivery Screen Setup.(Duplication)

In case you remove all the rules and actions which are titled with DLV, and re-apply the Configuration Task it is supposed to be working properly.

Sir I have removed Rules, Action, Entity Screen, Ticket Type and also clear database transaction and then Apply configuration but the problem not solved.

Hello @nextmedia,

In case you can send your Anydesk ID via PM to me, we can check it out.

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