This function not working for me [\d+\.?\d{0,2}]

After did all function for price change per user it’s appearing but price not updating. Please help me

Where are you using this? Please offer more info if you want people to help.
If they don’t understand what your doing its hard to help.

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Try adding an emoji function to the left of the array. @QMcKay you think the GraphQL could help with the printout?

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LOL @kendash… this is probably the post being referred to:

The only reason I can guess this is because I got a “Like” notification for it …

@matrix, post screenshots of your setup: the Automation Command (with mapping), the Action, and the Rule with Actions expanded.

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Her is my change price setup;

Ignore the state action - thats part of another config.

Not sure what the [\d+.?\d{0,2}] is meant to do, not seen function like that myself.
Use a number pad keyboard on a [?prompt]


Results in this ‘ask question’ style prompt;

I need it in default number pad

Dont understand? what do you mean?

You can make any keypad you like or just use N in one of the sections for a number pad, see here;

Or do you mean using numberpad on POS screen?

You just need to copy and paste. @QMcKay always make the best detail tutorial. Just have to follow carefully.

[?Price:\d+.?\d{0,2};;ON] not [\d+.?\d{0,2}]

yes i need to use pos screen number pad

So you need to use [:NUMBERPAD] to get the value from the numberpad…
Been a while since I did it that way, let me check my old v4 setup.

{:NUMBERPAD} even.

Might need to ad constraint of ‘{:NUMBERPAD}’ != ‘’ so an accidental button press doesnt set value to 0

Replace the [?prompt] in the rule for the price field in action for {:NUMBERPAD} and add action constraint of ‘{:NUMBERPAD}’ != ‘’ if you find pressing button without a numberpad value sets price to 0, might not happen but if needed…

You might also need to add something to clear the numberpad afterwards as this I think will leave the value in the number pad and give you x times the next order added…

{:NUMBERPAD} this is working but numberpad not clearing

Try reading it all :stuck_out_tongue:

Try using the search function of the forum :wink:

ok thanks fo the prompt support