This is pretty cool

Windows 10 IoT core

You can get a kit with a Rasberry Pi 2 for $114 it comes with an SD card with Windows 10 IoT core preinstalled.


I bought my set about 3-4 months ago but unfortunately never found enough time to play with. I have some smart kitchen ideas. If I can implement some supply automation projects there might be no need to store inventory for most fresh items. In fact I’m still trying to improve @QMcKay’s inventory management idea.

This is my set (Turkish)

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That is a nice set. I am going to buy one but I am not sure which one yet.

They did a great job by adding necessary stuff for building projects detailed in the book but book samples based on linux os so I couldn’t benefited from that too much.

Wifi module not needed as I’ve already had a usb wifi dongle and it worked great.

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