This might be a stupid question... Connecting two terminals by a LAN cable

Ok, I know you can connect the LAN cables of two computers to share files and stuff. But what I’m asking is if you have SQL Server 2014 database running on one computer, would Samba be able to connect to the database in the other computer? As well would I still have Internet connection on the computer running the database server?

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Thanks but I already read thaat whole guide and its based on using a Microserver to handle the databse.

If you don’t want to have a dedicated server, then pick a workstation (preferably the main one) and setup SQL on it just as if your were setting up a server. Then continue to setup SambaPOS as per the instructions.

And would it work, i.e. just connecting the lan ports of both workstations together? Would I still have internet access to have automated Emails sent?

Depends on how you get Internet to the computer. If you use an Ethernet cable, then no. You will need a network switch to connect the two computers.
If the Internet is via wifi, then you will need to bridge the wifi adapter and the Ethernet port on the main computer to be able to connect the second computer.

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Yes exactly. Is this easy to do? Are there any problems with doing this?

lol @JohnS is it real? I’m really happy to see you here.


It’s not hard to do, but it’s also not the best especially on Win8/10 - can be unstable.
Can you wifi enable the second computer?

Nope. Your dreaming @emre :slight_smile:


Sorry Im a bit confused, I can WiFi Enable both computers, just that I am uploading certian parts of te datbase to my webserver for my website to do stuff with :blush:. That and emailing receipts to my customers is the only reasons I need internet, why Would I need ifi on the second computer

Wifi enabling your second computer eliminates cabling and bridging on the first computer. They will both be on the network and can talk to each other the same as if they were cabled. It’s a better solution.

So basically Im hosting a wifi hotspot on my first computer and connecting to it on the second computer? How do I then get access to the internet on the first computer to upload my files?

Im sorry I just realised what you were thinking I think. My connection to the internet is not my own. i.e. I dont control it, the bulding the shop is in controls the internet, Ive spokent to them and they have said they wont do anything to help me. I cant remote deskop the computers or anything, let alone put a network enabled datbase on one.

What version of Windows are you running?

Windows 10 I need to write 20 characters on this post.

Ok. No guarantees on how stable this will be, but you don’t have may options.
Right click your network icon on the task bar and select Open Network and Sharing Centre
Click Change Adapter Settings
Select both your Wifi adapter and Ethernet adapter and right click
Select Bridge Connections
That’s it. Now both computers will be connected.

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How does the main computer connect to the Internet? Is the main computer your own or do they control it?

It connects to the internet via WiFi

There are a few things you can do. @JohnS gave you some good ideas. You could also setup a router in a bridge mode to the wifi and use Windows firewall to control your database so only your computers can communicate with the SQL Server.

ive done this with an older Linksys WRT 54g router and open source firmware DDWRT

The router would connect to the wifi and bridge it to its Ethernet ports so you can use it like switch.