Ticked re-open from customer account

I install Samba POS 4 into a new PC and change the database with an old database from my another pc. now a problem has been raised that when I settle a ticket in customer account. I am not enable to void this ticket from the customer account. When I Re-open the Ticket the void and cancel option look invisible. I can not find any clue here. But in my old PC it is working well.
Just an information - Void is working well incase of cash or credit card sell.

Can anybody help me what is the problem here. Here I give the all screwen shot to clear this issue.

Its because youve changed the mappings on the void button to just be GStatus=gift and submitted

When an account ticket is settled im pretty sure its state becomes Paid, so you need to add another mapping line and put Paid in visible and enabled columns

Nothing solve with your prescription. I give you more screen shot for more clear. Because I couldn’t describe details. Hoping your kind thinking…

Its as i said above you havent mapped those button to be active when the ticket is in a paid state

You need either reset the mappings to default or add addional mapping for Paid state

Also it could be case sensitive, your mapping has Submitted but your orderline state is SUBMITTED

also looking at the mapping your visible state is formatting wrong, look at the enabled state. You have a comma in wrong place and GStatus in there twice

You also need to check if Submitted is a state of GStatus, if it isnt then that isnt going work

Try adding a second line in the mapping and just leave it as default, save it and see if the buttons become active then

Paid is a ticket state not an order state by default and void would be an order line button (in theory)

No theory about it, you are correct Void is order line. So if you want it enabled then you must allow the Order States via mapping. You must first reopen the closed ticket.

So according to your screenshots the state you want to allow is SUBMITTED

Sorry @RickH not trying to poke holes in your suggestions, the state displayed on order line on ticket/pos screen always displays all as block capitals, the state changing actions would be where you would need to confirm this.
If the default state has been changed from default ‘Submitted’ there are likely to be all sorts of issues.

The pic shows GStatus= (blank) or GStatus=Gift, which are two different states…

Submitted is a state of ‘Status’ along with New etc ‘GStatus’ is a separate state name.

Kendash I think has it, don’t think you are reopening the closed ticket.

You will most likely need to cancel payments also before voiding.

Yea sorry i realised we were talking about order line and not ticket line after i posted, thats why i looked more into the submitted bit :grinning:

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Exactly. By default, you cannot Void an Order on a Paid Ticket.

You need to install the More Ticket Actions module, then configure the Actions for Re-open Settled Ticket and Cancel Payments.

Only then will you be able to Void the Order, and then you need to Settle/Pay the Ticket again.

I am also sure that first I reopen the the ticket. Then I will get void,cancel etc. But why reopen button is not working? Can you solve this please? Because it is working well in my previous PC.

Show all your actions and rules for your reopen ticket button

Both your screenshots show a PAID ticket. which sugests it has not been reopened and payments canceled.

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Great observation. You need to reopen settled ticket and cancel payments. If it’s working in your other system then copy it how you had it in new system. The function of that setup is the same nothing changed.

Show your automation command mappings for your reopen settled ticket button. Enabled should be blank.

Your final screenshot shows that your button did NOTHING so its probably mapped wrong. Your ticket is still closed and payment is still there this means the rule did not fire the actions which means your command did not work.

You need to install and activate the Module named “More Ticket Actions” …


Thanks QMcKay! Thanks everybody. This was the main problem that “More Ticket Actions” was not installed. Now I have installed this and get the problem solved.

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