Ticket and item missing in the reports

I discovered that A particular ticket is missing in the reports…
Also some item that were ordered is missing in the item sales reports

Check all terminals system date and time for one idea.

Okay.I will check it later and feedback.

Tickets are stamped by windows/system time on that terminal, missing tickets is often terminal out of time or someone finelung with system time.

Date and Time is correct on all the Terminals.

Can you see that ticket in Tickets screen? If so please take a screenshot of it so we can see it.

This is the ticket screen I am talking about.

Thank you Jesse…what I mean is that a particular ticket is missing in the work period reports…the ticket was settled and the total amount on the ticket is not reflecting on the reports.

Was it a ticket from previous work period?

Same day tickets and I also discovered that some two items ordered were not reflecting in the item sales reports.

Can you show a screenshot of that ticket please.

Be sure to have (ODI=True) in your report tag for item report.