Ticket can't be closed with specific payment after upgrading to 5.1.59

Dear All,

Having an issue here.
I was using Sambapos 5.1.54 before with no issues, and yesterday i was upgrading to 5.1.59.
Almost everything works fine, but only having 1 issues after upgrading.

I’m having couple different payment choices on the payment screen (Cash, Debit, Credit, Transfer, etc…)
After upgrading to 5.1.59, i can’t do a payment with Credit Card, The rest of them works well.
*There’s a 2% Surcharge with credit cards that works well before. I didn’t change any rule.

When i chose Credit Card as a payment, the tickets didn’t close but it moves back to order screen.
I can’t close the ticket with the close ticket button nor logout button. Just stuck there.
The only option to get out is with closing the program through Task manager.

Here’s the Screenshot.

Thanks before guys!

If I remember right there may have been some improvements with payment processors which may be related to your issue.

When it goes back to the order screen is it showing paid?
Does it have the surcharge or not?

How are you doing the surcharge?

From the screenshot, the price is 5000. And after i click credit card, it says that the grand total is 5100
So yes, the 2% surcharge has been applied to the total order.

I just add 2% rate as surcharge to the total order. It works fine before.
But this time the ticket somehow can’t be closed.
It says charged, but when i forcefully closed the program (via task manager) then i opened it again.
I couldn’t see the ticket listed as a transaction.

Last time I saw something like this happen, it was due to a Transaction Type having been changed so that it was missing the default Source or Target Account.

Check all Transaction Types related to Taxes, Calculations, and Credit Card.

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Thanks QMckay!
Yes it’s true. It was due missing Default Source Account in the Transaction Types.
Well, i always leave it all blank for all default source account and never had a problem with the previous version.
Seems like this version require a default source account for payment with calculation.

Note : My other payment (without calculation) still have a blank default source account and working fine.

Thanks for the help!