Ticket closing when changing entity

Something strange is happening with my tickets.
When I click on a ‘Shop’ entity button it opens the menu, and the Shop name is shown on the ticket. Now I can click on “change shop” and change to another shop.
But as soon as I have added any orders, and I try to do the same thing, the ticket automatically closes and is gone.
The orders are all in ‘gift’ state, and I think maybe that’s why, but I don’t want the ticket to close and disappear when I change the Shop entity attached to the ticket.

Anybody have any idea what might be going on (and how to solve this problem)?

It’s probably due to the Gift State, as you say. My guess is there is a Rule somewhere causing the Ticket to Close either because of the Ticket State or RemainingAmount=0 or the like.

If this is having to do with Inventory Department, you might want to consider creating a new State so as not to confuse it with the Selling Department.

I just checked that, but the only rules I could find that actually close the ticket are the Close Ticket rule and Print Bill rule, which both require the user to click a button first.

Another strange thing is that the entity buttons for the shops don’t change color, although i configured my Shops entity the same as Tables entity (and entity screen).
When I move tables on my normal entity screen, I can see the state color on the entity buttons, but I don’t see that for my Shops entity buttons…

Ticket Closing rule does not require a button press… its only looking for specific factors like remaining balance = 0 When you change shop… how are you doing it? Could it be closing the ticket and then changing shop?

I’m talking about the Close Ticket rule, not Ticket Closing (that one doesn’t actually close the ticket, it just uses the ticket closing event).

That seems to be what’s happening… but I don’t know why. This doesn’t seem like it should be normal procedure. I probably must have misconfigured something, but I just can’t find out what it is…

I’m just using the “Change Shop” button next to the orders.

What I was saying is. Something could be causing a close process triggering all of the rules including Ticket Closing. Which could affect Color CHanges.

I think this behavior is built into the system (not using rules or anything). I just checked in my Table view screen. When I change a customer there it also triggers the ‘ticket closing’ event…

It seems to close old ticket and opens a new one or reopens the old one… you can change this behavior by using Clone Ticket option in the Add Ticket action. You might need to redo your flow however. I am willing to bet it is because it needs to close the ticket to make the entity change.

What’s Clone Ticket? I don’t see this action anywhere in the list. Is this new in V4?
And what about Add Ticket action? You mean Create Ticket?

EDIT: Oops… I misread… Clone ticket OPTION, not ACTION :blush:

Where can I find this Clone Ticket option? It’s not in Create ticket action, and I don’t have an Add Ticket action.

Yes Create Ticket sorry bad wording. I use it when converting a Sales Ticket to a Refund Ticket. But I have not tested it with entity states.

Ok, then it must be V4 only… I don’t have any parameters for that action.

Yeah V4 sorry Was not aware you are using v3

I think I’m just going to disable the “Change shop” button for now, and try to figure this out later.