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Kindly can someone illustrate how to customize the tickecks so that they can appear on the the entities

I started by creating the automation command as shown below

Then i created an action to display ticket

Finally i created the rule

i need to know why the custom constraints arent showingand how i can navigate to property editor

Not sure what your up to but just checking your aware the automation command has no mapping hence it’s greyed out… You mentioning entity screen, if creating a command button on entity screen set it to custom/layout in it’s settings and in edit mode right clivk and add widget for automation command…

The rule has constraints greyed out because you haven’t set the rule type…

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hi all i want to create an entity screen showing all the open tickets so that the waiters and the cashier can know their tickets rather that showing the ticket explorer that allows them to navigate through navigation screen

i don’t want them to access the navigation screen

Create a Entity Screen Custom or Layout mode and put one of these Widgets on that screen depending on your desired display format:

  • Ticket Lister
  • Ticket Explorer

Then change the permission for the User Role to remove the Can Enter Navigation Screen permission.

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This is not what i was asking,i wanted to configure the entity screen to show all the tickets open just like the way we show all the tables on the entity screen

Show an example of what you mean. I don’t understand what you are asking for.

How are the tickets being left open if not on a selected entity?
Tickets can only be left open by selecting entity or setting a defined tag.
Offer more info and suggestions can be given

And you want it to look like the tickets list you get on the nav menu?
A list rather than an entity grid filtered to entities with tickets?

the whole point is for to make sure the waiters are able to know their tables without necessarily going through the nav menu.Its make the work easier esp on a busy day.
I would also like the cashier to catch up with speed sometimes our cashiers are lil’ bit slow esp on a busy day.
So i would appreciate anyway as far as the service delivery will improve

Entity Screen List ( ALL TICKETS)

i found out this tutorial by QMCkay it was so helpful