Ticket Explorer to Display Ticket then Crash

Hey @emre

I not sure if we could do this before but I am just setting up a customer Ticket Explorer Screen to have quick access to Tickets for Reprints & Refunds.

Is this correct behaviour as I am sure we could not add an item or change anything when moving from Explorer back to Ticket?

Have I not setup something…?

The error is:

Inner Exception 1
Type:        System.NullReferenceException
Message:     Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
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Also @emre

If you use your Surface Pro 4 Emulator you will find another 2 items (so far):

  1. You can swipe LEFT & RIGHT but you cannot use your finger to swipe UP & DOWN in the case where the grid is showing more records than the screen length.

  2. The Date Pickers are great! The arrows, however, to month to previous month and next month are very very small and probably unusable on Touch Screen.

  1. I tested it with your backup and surface simulator seems to handle swipes fine in both directions. I don’t have too much to do other than that as touch stuff expected to be handled by windows and it should work just as it works in simulator. Maybe a windows update can fix that.

  2. Instead of using arrows you can tap on month name to select a month.

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Ok I thought your demo it is simulating mouse click down and drag UP or DOWN? The swipe gesture UP or DOWN seems to be failing.

Umm I can confirm the gesture (use figure on a Touch Screen) to swipe UP or DOWN does not work on my 27" Touch ASUS as well as the 12.3" Surface.

The Data Picker work around is no problem - actually looks cleaner.

@emre I am using “Layout Mode” I will switch to see if it has anything to do with Borders and scaling.

I can confirm Emre that the “Custom Mode” works OK? This mode cannot be used however as it magnifies the scaling to “supersized”.

GIF of Custom Mode works on both systems?
(This is all done with figure gestures)

@emre it is definitively something to do with the “Layout” feature.

I switched back to Layout.
Use the |---| fully extend Tool Bar Item and it fixed the Swipes UP & DOWN.
However now the system scrolls line by line by itself and also scrolls to the Right - spooky.
Now that’s what I call a Hidden Feature!

Here are the Tools I used to ensure gestures work correctly.

BTW you can resize widget in custom mode.

Yea, think I have done that once before? The issue is the Widget does then no resize well to different monitors from memory.

Yes layout mode works best for that.