Ticket Explorer Widget Issue

I think we have a issue with the Ticket Explorer Widget. I remove columns that I do not require and they always re-appear.

Screenshot below shows that I have removed ticket type from my column selection:

After I exit design mode it reappers? See:

sorry to bother you… i have tried to add some columns, but i dont have luck, how did you manage to do that?



@Isaac ticket explorer widget does not support storing view state yet.

@gerlandog I was experimenting adding a ticket screen. I created a new entity screen and set it to custom view. I then entered the entity screen, right clicked and hit Design Mode. Then right click again and hit Add Widget - Selected Ticket Explorer.

You then right click on the ticket explorer column headers and select Choose Columns, drag and drop the columns. However the changes you make doesnt get stored as Emre stated so maybe just stick to the Ticket screen from the Main Menu until the changes are stored.