Ticket ID does not print on receipt

Ive set up ticket id to print on receipt using {TICKET ID} but nothing print

{TICKET NO} does work and prints the number but in the ticket print setup it says that ticket id is a unique number so i wanted to use that

Can i set ticket id to be a minimum number of digits?

{TICKET ID} Will not print until ticket is closed.To print {TICKET ID} you have to execute Print after Ticket Closed not on payment processed. {TICKET ID} is not even generated until ticket is closed. Is your Print Bill setup to work on Payment Processed?

I use {TICKET ID} I had to rework my entire printing setup to work with Ticket Closed which meant I had to setup a State flow for Print

On ticket Opened my Autoprint State is reset. On Payment processed depending on type of payment my Autoprint was set to Sales, Refund, Non Tax, etc. On Ticket closed it would print the apropriate ticket based on what state Autoprint was in.

Thanks for the reply ill check in the morning and see if moving things round to ticket closed i can get it working

Another issue ive got is that and do not work so barcodes do not print and i cant get logo image to print at top of receipt

Any ideas?

I didnt put my printer setting in the post it is < bar > and < bmp > that dont work for me

If you have Epson TM T88 II Or III Or IV than i can help to print logo faster and in center by uploading to the printer.

I have epson tm-l90 and have previously loaded image into printer however when i now go to printer setting the upload image button is greyed out and i cannot press it to enter thise settings

Im going to google it later to see why its doing this, in thr mean time i wanted to use samba to print image but nothing happens, nothing happens when barcode command is used either