Ticket Identifying


Can anyone help on the following

When i take order for multiple items which are printed on different kitchen printers, is there a way to show some thing like:

4 items ordered in 1 ticket and are printed in 4 different kitchen printers

I need to show 1/4 on 1st kitchen ticket, 2/4 on 2nd kitchen ticket, 3/4 on the 3rd kitchen ticket and 4/4 on the final kitchen ticket.

This will help the waiter know that all items are available before delivering the order to the table as the printed sheet is attached from each kitchen


Not by default if they are separate prints. There are option for this is it’s same printjob there is order number which was added for if you print each order separately as part of the job settings for label printer etc.
You would possibly need to set a number as part of the order adding flow.
The 4 part should be easy with template expression for total order quantity.


Thank you for the reply. Further by any chance can i print Page Numbers on each kitchen ticket


As just posted on your other topic there is no page number function in samba by default as epos printers are typically roll feed continuous print so don’t have pages… Something like this may be possible but will be custom automation that probably hasn’t been tried before which you’ll need to work on yourself.