Ticket Lister, Filter by Entity

I am now using entities to attach users to a ticket since our fundamental user’s feature does not support transferring tables between waiters which is a big requirement in every restaurant client I serve.

I am now trying to build a nice screen for these waitresses to easily see their tickets that are open before they are allowed to print the server report at end of day. We dont let them print a report unless they closed all their open tickets.

I am under the impression that the ticket lister does not let us filter by entity :frowning: Is there any update or an alternate approach to this?

I know I can filter by Ticket Tag in which I can add a ticket tag with user and update it while the entity gets updated but I just feel like that is me trying to add more and more points of failure in our flow.

I’m working on this right now as well. We also use entities to flag Internet Orders and I would like a entity screen for that. I don’t want to use separate departments since I don’t want user to have to switch between them to enter orders.

@Jesse I was playing around with this today. If entity filtering won’t be possible On the ticket listed do you have a recommendation. I saw States might be more applicable. It’s odd that it doesn’t seem to work since the entity is easily accessible in the ticket listed using {ENTITY NAME Server} in my case.


It’s been a while since the last post with a ton of updates. I’d have to revisit this.

What I would like to see is some updates for users. We should be able to add LastModifiedUserName to the Change Ticket Properties action. I will discuss that with our team. I think that action would be enough to automate the transfer of a ticket to a different user.

Correct me if I am wrong but the main reason people use Entities instead of users is to transfer waiters tables right?

The reason we cant filter entities is because the Tickets table has no entities on it… Ticket entities are stored in a separate table called TicketEntities. We would need to add a new section for Entity Filter.

Here are the fields you can filter. You do it by typing field name is ‘value’ Example: TicketVersion is '2019-07-15 19:14:40.000'



Unfortunately the answer to the original question is that we have no way to filter to Entity. We would have to change the way ticket lister is built on a development side. I think the better option will be to improve users since its what is asked for the most.

Thank you @Jesse. The list of filtering options is very helpful. I understand the issue behind not being able to filter entities. I’ve been using entities since V4 for tracking and transfering tickets between users. This occurs at any of the following times (ticket created, settlement, or manually via automation command).

The main reason I’m looking for a ticket lister is showing most recent open and closed tickets for quickly accessing tickets. Most of staff has a hard time with the Ticket Explorer, so I think a short list will be easier. I think I can make this happen with what you’ve provided above. I