Ticket Lister Time Filter


I have a ticker lister screen and in the “Order Filter” line I have: ‘{ORDER STATE MINUTES}’ < ‘10’

My goal is to show only tickets with less than 10 minutes time however it does not work.

Do I have a syntax error?


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Thanks, I set the order filter to: ‘{ORDER STATE MINUTES:Status}’ > ‘10’

Same issue though, it lists all tickets even ones that are more than 10 minutes old.

Wait it should not work in order level tho. I’m not sure if order filter mean or order level. Entity state should be ticket level. Try in Filter not order filter.

Nevermind I am messup with entity state. Should be in bed now.

It seem to work for him Ticket Lister filter by {ORDER STATE MINUTES:Status}

When I put this in the Filter tab, I get this error: There is an error while filtering tickets:Character literal must contain exactly one character

Its weird that ppl using ‘X’ > ‘Y’ and it work. Quote make it string, not number.

Maybe try without quote or [=TN()]. I’m not sure if Order Filter take expression [=].

EDIT: ‘{ORDER STATE MINUTES:Status}’ > ‘10’ works for me too. I have a ticket few hours ago. If I set > ‘10’ it shows in lister if st < 10 nothing in lister