Ticket Note in PMPOS

hellow sambapos, i will like to know if it is possible to show a ticket note section in the PMPOS, or if the GQL allows that, if so please help with some tutorial or documentation please.

Use QMX. It can handle all of that and more.

PMPOS is proof-of-concept that you won’t likely get any assistance with, since it is simply a starting point for developing your own App. All GraphQL documentation is available to you through the GraphiQL interface, where you will find that yes, there is a mutation for updating Ticket Note, and the Ticket Note property is part of the Ticket Object and TerminalTicket Object.


yes, ive already seen QMX webpage but ive ven rtrying to download it since like 3 days ago and the download links appear to be broken http://qmxcode.com/download/ :frowning: :frowning:

@QMcKay I can verify the download links do not appear to work. I tried all the mirrors.