Ticket Slip Template Help

Good Day All!

First I want to thank all of you for helping me!

I need help today with my ticket template. Please see the pictures attached with what I currently have.

I need the amount to be aligned next to each other, then if I charge more than 2 on an item I want the quantity to be changed to the amount given and the price must change to the amount given as well?

Thank You!!!

This is not an issue with your template, it is because of the number of characters your printer can print per line. Adjust the Line Character Count on the Printer settings page. It looks like the last 2 characters are being pushed to the next line, so I suggest a starting point would be to decrease the line character count by 2 (i.e. if it is 48, change it to 46). Test it until you don’t have anything being pushed to the following line.

Your template is already set up to do that. If you are having a problem with that, please provide more info on what is wrong.

Also, it’s always good to search the forum for any queries before posting new topics, as it saves time especially on topics that have already been answered previously. There is extensive information on the forum already about printer template formatting, here is an example of a good starting point:

For example, I notice you have lines of --- and ===, however there is a much easier way to do this, even the default template already has it set up doing it the correct way. You can just use the <F> tag for a full line of the same character, e.g.


will give you a full line of === without having to concern about the number of characters.

Also for your title line, you can use the <T> tag to give a similar effect as you have already.

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