Ticket Tag Allowing Ticket Close Option

If ticket tag cover count need to select entity, why can’t just constraint if ticket tag not null and entity is null then show message to select entity?

So a ticket tag is not allowing you to control user flow?

PS remember nobody here knows about your user setup, nor do we know about what you mean when you say Switch user…

Ok maybe some of us do because we have followed you in past… but most of people reading this will be scratching their heads.

last time I tried you couldn’t do entity is null, need to specify all entities in turn with and/&&/match all
But that is a better suggestion… will work on that.
However as a reseller (which will wind kendash up as always but heads on viewpoints on that) you program something to be flexible and diverse. if the client added an entity they wouldn’t know to update appropriate rules.

You can check if it contains an entity I use it with my time clock.

Here is an example:

What would you have to update if you added an entity? I am confused I thought we were talking about Ticket tags.

For the record I think its great and I may one day become a reseller but I also see why Emre doesnt just add requests when they come in. I try to get you to think beyond just your reason for needing a request and looking at the bigger picture.

To use defined tag and constrain to prevent close purely on tag you would need to define entity=null and tag!=null.
You cannot define any entity, you need to define each entity type.
If an entity is added you could used that entity and the tag but the rule wouldnt check the new entity so you would get the prompt for selecting an entity as the new entity is not null

So what you meant to say is what if someone adds an Entity Type?

I think we are getting off into something thats not very constructive… I am simply asking what would this feature solve for SambaPOS and not just your specific use? Is it the right approach or do we need to think of something else? Maybe we need something else other than using Ticket Tags for what your doing?

Personally on paper the feature sounds simple but I really cant see what it would solve most people wouldnt even care about it.

EDIT: Just think if he adds this seemingly simple feature and then later nobody uses it because it never really solved something it was a band aide for a specific configuration. I see what your saying though and we should look into it but I just dont see how this feature would add much to SambaPOS in the future.

EDIT2: if you ask me having to use Ticket Tags in this manor probably isnt the best solution and we should maybe discuss new ideas.

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I know, and you say it every time, if no one puts their hands up emre would be left to think of everything…
If he sees value he adds it, but if not discussed then nothing happens.
I am happy to come up with ideas and take on your challenges on the points but I dont have all the answers for everything :stuck_out_tongue:

As I see it we have tags or states, notes not suitable, what are the other current options you can suggest? I like states but already have dozens LOL and feel like being over dependent on one thing.
Plus tags take less space than states I believe as would want the value visible.

On that point this is why I didnt put much background thought into it.
If its simple addition and deamed worthy it wouldn’t do any harm to add.
If to difficult/complex addition or not of value it gets left and I find an alternate solution.

That kind of thinking can be bad in long run. Lots of software dies because of tons of simple additions and later they find out it turns into a mess. That is kind of what I am trying to say. I was hoping you might start thinking outside box and we could think of more ideas… You tend to focus and defend your single idea though.

Lets take the discussion or debate as you call it and try to build on it. Maybe the real issue is that your using Ticket Tags for something that really should be accomplished differently but we dont currently have other choices…Lets discover more choices.

So start over with this discussion and instead of asking about a specific feature lets lay out the problem and flow and lets see if we can come up with ideas that would work better and then maybe that feature would become useful for other things as well.

I know that I cant help but think we use Ticket Tags for a lot of automation that really has nothing to do with tagging tickets :stuck_out_tongue: I would like to see us brainstorm some ideas for alternate system to handle these complex flows maybe we can take some complexity out of it.

I know as a reseller you would love to remove complexity.

Personally I would like to discuss possibly using Tasks for something like this… we may need some improvements to it from Emre but it sounds like it maybe what we need.


Let say if we have allowing to close option, you set cover count, click close and ticket can’t close (you did not check allow to close). How you gonna tell user to select entity, which entity? Since you want universal (not specific which entity type) but how you gonna handle it.

I can’t see this option solve the issue.

JTR I dont want you to think your ideas are bad. You have great ideas. I feed off your feedback and I do push your buttons sometimes but sometimes it gets you to come up with more great ideas.

I get how Emre thinks and its really hard to explain it on paper but for some reason we jived that way and so I see feature requests come in sometimes and I purposely push the conversations hoping maybe it sparks Emre’s mind as well.

you do get on my tits sometimes :stuck_out_tongue: LOL
but then sure I do you with lack of explanations.
Just wish I could understand you bloody jokes…

I will be honest you dont really get to me like you think you do. I actually think most of your requests are valid and good ideas. Its part of what I did for years and why I was good at it… i look beyond the moment and I constantly try to look ahead at things that dont exist yet. Sometimes I come across badly because of it. Most of the time people dont get me and I come across as a know it all… its really not my intent.

I know I already said it on that other topic but I thought the compound menus ideas had some serious legs…
Why cant you challenge me on something I am more passionate about and have put more thought into. :stuck_out_tongue:
Its always to silly little things we end up going in to detail on.
I even spent 3 hours writing script and sql hoping to drum up some interest from you and q and hoped that it might even have invoked some input from emre although know hes busy but know he did read it.

Probably to be honest… we simply were not interested in it yet. Dont give up on it but also dont rehash the same idea 80 different ways… get creative and push yourself to think of alternatives. Maybe alternatives could be better or maybe they will make your original idea better and we might get interested.

I am interested in this because I use these features all the time and I have invested significant amount of time in them. So I would love to see the conversation spark some interesting ideas.

OK, give me a minute… just putting together a thought…