Ticket Tag Data where to find it and clean

Let me explain, I wanted to have a separate number for Invoices, as in a document with sequential number that will be given to the client only when asked, so its different from ticket number.

What I did was a setup where I add orders, add a client and at the end you print the bill and client verifies that everything is correct. When ticket is locked a button is activated to CONVERT TICKET to Invoice, it just changes ticket status to Invoice and hides the convert button, and adds a TICKET TAG called InvoiceNumber.

Now this ticket tag is unmapped and clean, and the automation command CONVERT TICKET has another action that Updates Program Setting and rises ticket tag by 1 every time its clicked.

So far everything is perfect. I tested. It works and all marvelous. Now I want to reset ticket tag number back to zero… but cant find it… should I do it directly in database?

Just use the same update ticket tag action with empty value, it will clear ticket tag.

The Ticket Tag is not increasing; instead the Program Setting is increasing, and that value is used to set the Ticket Tag.

The Program Setting is stored in the DB. You can use an Update Program Setting Action to set/reset the value to 0 or you can look at the table named [ProgramSettingValues] in the DB and execute a SQL UPDATE statement to change the data for the row.

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Ah I see, thank you guys!