Ticket tag does not print when set

When I have [<J00>RTN: {TICKET TAG:RTN}] in the printer template, nothing prints when the ticket tag is set. When I remove the brackets [] it shows the set value.

Any thoughts?



I should add that the conditional brackets work elsewhere for ticket tags.

You have a condition but you have to specify what prints after it I think

Hes just doing the hide if null brackets I think.

I beleive, if you want to include the line format tag and have line removed completely you need double square brackets. Pair arround the template tag and the seccond pair arround hole line.

Thank you for the suggestion. You (JTRTech) are correct - hide if null. I tried the double brackets to no avail.

Instead I went with a ternary expression:

<J00>[='{TICKET TAG:RTN}' == '' ? '<J00>RTN: N/A' : 'RTN: {TICKET TAG:RTN}']

It at least gives me some text and not a blank line if null.

In the grand scheme of things, I’m just a bit confused how the null brackets will work in one place and not another. Ah, well


I wouldn’t have whole line in that. If you want N/A when empty leave j00 RTN: outside expression and just have tag == ‘’ ? n/a : tag

Another way to skin the cat. Thanks!