Ticket Tag Questions

Hi, when I have ticket tags is there anyway to show up a keyboard like in ticket notes?

this is the ticket tag screen

This is the ticket note screen

Also another quick question, is there any way to only let a ticket tag button be shown in a certain ticket state?

Lastly when printing how can I only print something like this if the ticket tag is present?
>Deliver to⦔{TICKET TAG:Deliver Location}

Use the [?Prompt] function in an update tag action field to show ask question type keyboard rather than having automation command values predefined.

Show/hide the tag ticket button using the automation command (button) mapping.

Hide unused lines on template by wrapping with square brackets [] or use a ternary expression.


I like the way in which free tagging works, where it keeps what people write in is there any way to do this when it is an AMC?

I can use ?Prompt but I alsway would like to have user defined buttons which the staff can easily edit