Ticket Tag Time and Set Time Out on Printer


It is possible to set the order time out by say 45 mins from the order time.

e.g. if the order was taken on 12:00 then target for this order be to completed in 12:45. I have these tags:

Date:{TICKET DATE} | Time in:{TIME}

It prints :

Date: 09/07/2015 Time In: 12:00

I want this output:

Date: 09/07/2015 Time In: 12:00 Time Out: 12:45

What tags do i need to make Time Out work. e.g. {TIME+45}


Im not an expert on these kind of formulas but have based a date based calculation on someone else’s formula.If it helps this is the formula;

[=FD(ADM('{TICKET DATE}',-216),'dd-MMM-yyyy')]

What thats doing is taking ticket date and subtracting 216 months (18 years) to give a date of birth for 18 year old for age check message.

=FD being format date
I guess ADM is something like ADD DATE MONTH where -216 is the number of months to add the minus making it subtracted.
‘dd-MMM-yyyy’ being the format output so with that today would be 09-JUL-2015

Hope that helps you on your way.

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