Ticket tags in Mobile Client

Is the Mobile client will support Ticket tags? any other solution for TAB to handle this?

Just download it and try for yourself.

i am already using mobile client with license. i don’t find the Ticket Tag support. Any way solution ?

What kind of ticket tag you want to use?

I created actions & rules to assign ticket tags on tickets (most used) or you can set “ask ticket tag” function.

When adding ticket to table that already have ticket, by default it will add as 0, 1, 2 etc. I want to choose as A,B,C,D means that a table entity have 4 option when taking order.

That kind of automation won’t work in mobile client.

Hi Can you send any sample for this (actions & rules to assign ticket tags on tickets)
i will try for my case

You can’t do any actions or rules in the mobile client.

Hi kendash,
can you help on this.