Ticket Tags, Void items and Work Period report

Due to the Eat out to Help out scheme we are having here in the UK I have added a prompt so our staff can enter the number of covers on a ticket using a ticket tag.
That works fine, to a point
However, the work period report is acting a bit strangely with voided tickets
I create an order and enter 2 covers when prompted. The Ticket tag section in the work period report shows Covers 2 x 1 as it should
I now add a second separate order and enter 2 covers, the work period report shows Covers 2 x 2 as it should
If I void all of the items on the first order the work period report incorrectly shows Covers 2 x 2
If I void all of the items on the remaining order the work period report does not show any covers, as it should
If I create a new order and enter 2 covers the work period will now show Covers 2 x 3. It is including the Void tickets
It seems that the Ticket Tag part of the work period report shows all Cover tags if there is at least 1 valid order
I’m on Version 5.2.14
Any ideas
Thanks in advance for any help given

You’ll have to automate something the changes your ‘Covers’ ticket tag when you void an item or item(s).

I could do that, although it would have to automate when there are no items left on the ticket. Then if someone adds something new then I have to prompt the user to reenter the number of covers. Gets a little convoluted
However I suppose my question was caused by the fact that completely voided tickets are included if there is at least 1 valid order, if all orders are completely voided then the report does not include anything, which would be correct.

To try and get round this little issue I thought I would add a new section to the Work Period report
My intention would be that section would sum up the Cover tags only for orders with a TotalAmount > 0
Seemed simple enough, but I failed at the first hurdle
This does not work
{REPORT TICKET DETAILS:TT.Covers.sum:(T.TotalAmount > 0)}
But this does
{REPORT TICKET DETAILS:TT.Covers.sum:(TS.Status = Paid)}
Unfortunately voided tickets have a status of Paid so I’m back to square one
Can anyone tell me why the first one does not work

Do you have a starters/mains/dessert tag?
On my setup my covers are ‘sugested’ based on number of orders with mains tag (with is used for kitchen print grouping)
I included a check on ticket closing that if covers tag is different to number of mains it prompts saying that covers is x but only y mains on ticket, keep x or change to y.
That would cover the issue as the report expression which counts mains excludes voided items so when closing after voiding a main it would prompt to keep or change covers njmber.

I don’t have starters/mains/dessert tags but that sounds like an easy way to come up with a covers number.
We are a cafe/bistro so one person on the table may just have a coffee and the other have a soft drink and a sandwich. Or one person may have all 3.
Any way I solved the problem I was having with the Report
This wasn’t working
{REPORT TICKET DETAILS:TT.Covers.sum:(T.TotalAmount > 0)}
But removing the brackets did
{REPORT TICKET DETAILS:TT.Covers.sum:T.TotalAmount > 0}
Now I can get an accurate number of covers on my end of day report
Phew !

Do theh not have to eat to count as a cover?
Would you count that as 1 or 2 covers?
Sandwich on hotel setup would be a main so covers for that ticket would be 1.

One person having a coffee and another having a sandwich counts as 2 covers
They both get the 50% UK”s eat out to help out discount so we have to count each person to claim back the discount