Ticket Template for optional taxless gratuity calculation

@markjw have you got optional gratuity setup on any of your systems?
Trying to work out the best way to display it to avoid the ‘the vat amount is wrong questions’ without having excess ‘gumpf’ to say not vat of gratuity.
As an optional tip is vat exempt.
Have the calculation configured.
This is my current template;
But know some smart arse will try and say the vat isnt correct based on the total.

Was going to move tad up to be under discounts but that isnt really cleaner and is on presumption discounts are vat and service isnt.

Just added taxable amount which think helps a little but just woundered if you had any experiance implimenting such?

The discount and tip being similar amounts on this ticket does help make it look less obvious.
On a non discounted ticket it shouldnt be be confusing.