Ticket Times (Duration) V5

I’m not sure if it something that I have done since upgrading to V5 but I have a little issue with Ticket durations displayed on my ticket listers.

I have noticed since updating that if one of the waitresses select a table entity from a terminal this automatically shows that tables entity state as ‘new order’ and the ‘duration timer’ will start. if waitress 2 closes the ticket first then this should be the 1st order in my ticket lister. However if waitress 1 then closes her ticket - her ticket will jump to first in the list as the entity was opened first ( although no order was placed immediately )
If I change the sort order of the ticket lister to sort by Ticket number instead of last order should this resolve this? or is the ticket number allocated when the entity is selected ( I assume as there is no order placed then a ticket number isn’t assigned until the close button is pressed)

any help with this would be great as always.

Many thanks


Ticket No is assigned immediately. TICKET ID is assigned when ticket is submitted.

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I guess this would depend on how you quantify an order, to me opening the ticket would en-tale starting service the customer not when the first order was added and that this would be correct.
As en example.
A que of customers
Customer 1 comes to counter 1 and begins placing a big order taking several minutes.
Customer 2 comes to counter 2 and places a quick order.
Customer 3 comes next to counter 2 and places another quick order just before customer 1 completes there order.

Who would you say has longest time since served?
I would say customer 1 as they were ‘first’ in the que…
So order would be 1, 2, 3.
Would you say it would be 2,3,1?

You could maybe add an action on ticket closing to update/reset the new orders state based on ‘ticket submit’ time rather than when they started ordering…

Have not used duration yet so this is presumptions, you might possibly need to change to a different state then back to new orders to achieve…

As kendash says ticket ID rather than number would maybe work if you are basing order on when ticket was closed.

we take orders at tables and what I have found happening is that the waitress will show someone to a table and then open the table entity ready for when they place their order, this may not be for several minutes. In the meantime someone else may take an order on a different table. This will then show up 1st in ticket lister. However when the waitress completes the order for the entity that she had opened in advance that order then jumps to the front of the queue on the ticket lister. I shall try sorting by Ticket ID tomorrow and see how we get on :slight_smile: thanks for your input :slight_smile: (when the ticket that was eventually placed with the entity open for a while first, the duration displays with a minus figure ) But I do think that the ticket ID should solve my issue

Alternatively you could make your own separate state flow to base the duration on rather than the entity/ticket state.
A SubmittedTime state or something like that.
Depends on what else is being based on this duration.
Sorting by ticket ID will not change the duration as the states it is based on are still being set at the same point in time.