Ticket Title & Shell Title Multiple Blocks

Another one of my thoughts today while discussing the next big project of the hotel till system.
Allergy awareness if the current big thing in the uk and had a thought about how it would be nice to use say ticket title to show a row of icons of the allergy ingredients in the selected order.
Have some other things I would like to use the ticket title for.
I was wondering if anyone (provided my explanation makes sense) agreed that it would be nice to be able to have ‘blocks’ like divs within the ticket/shell titles that could be updated separately rather than have to create a complex mix and join/crossover multiple title updates for a consistent layout.

Let me try and explain in a more visual way.
I’m thinking something like tags/states where there is the tag name and the tag value.
Ticket title;

[Ticket Title Name:GuestData - Ticket Title Value:{ENTITY DATA:Guest Name} {ENTITY DATA:Nights} ‘nights’]
[Ticket Title Name:ItemCount - Ticket Title Value:{ITEM COUNT}]
[Ticket Title Name:AllergyAdvice - Ticket Title Value:'Allergy Advice{PRODUCT TAG:Allergy}]

Ticket Title action would have additional field on Title Name.

It would mean the separate titles would need to be cleared separately, but would mean if you had a mix of data in the ticket title which is not always valid, maybe based on entity or product added or user etc etc the titles could be updated/cleared independently rather than having to try and blend say an order added update to work with an entity selected update.

Does that make sense?

I expect there is either an alternative method which I have missed or wthat scripts will be the answer but wanted to share the thought.

Hmm not a bad idea. Basically your asking for multiple Title Bar support. You could probably achieve something similar with states but It doesnt seem to fit with states…Not a bad idea we should discuss it and see if we can improve it or make it more clear.

I imagine we would want a title tab in settings similar to states where we can define the order of the titles by title name, something like states where undefined in this tab will just go to bottom in order meaning existing titles will continue to work as they did as they are updated and for fixed order must be defined and is given priority.

This would allow for more complex use of ticket title for example as rather than having to build all the components into a single title and work out which ones come out and go in as which point we can update and clear them indipendently.

Perhaps a additional True/Falce field in the update title action for clear all just to simplify things if it gets complex as would probably look to clear all titles at ticket close/logout and define and fresh ones from that point.