Ticket Total Changed event not triggered when item voided

Default Void and Cancel Void do not trigger total ticket changed but Cancel does.
I set up Ticket Total Change Rule with Show Message action "Total Changed: message.

Edit: I also notice Total Ticket Changed trigger 2 times when order added and before select portion (using ask question with portion button) even no change in total and one more after select portion which total has changed.

@emre this issue will effect this %10 service charge for selected products tutorial as well.

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In some cases we forcibly execute it. That might be the reason of it. If it leads to an issue adding a constraint check to test previous and actual totals will solve that.

Void issue solved.

Thank you very much for reporting.

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Do you mean next release? Or I missing something?

Yes of course for next release / refresh / update … I mean I solved it.

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