Ticket won't settle

Unable to check remotely, but the email just came in that “I’ve added the product as I normally would, but it won’t settle”

Any idea what it might be?

Im not overly bothered, this was a company I set up the till for and they were supposed to pay me a monthly admin fee from 18 months ago but never did. 200 mile drive if I go over so id have to charge time+ call out.


Any custom automation?
Is it just one ticket/product or all transactions?
Can they void it and ring up again?

no automation

As far as I’m aware its this 1 product

they void it and ring it up again and it doesn’t work.

Come to think of it, it might be that its a zero priced product. I might suggest that

You cant go to settle screen if ticket is 0.
Close ticket will by defult mark ticket closed etc as if paid.
There is an option to allow 0 priced products, think its a department option.

im wondering if they havent enabled allow zero priced products. It wouldnt settle if a zero priced product AND a priced product is there

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Maybe, cant remember where the option prevents, if its order added or settle. Think its settle like required order tags.

Ok im here,

It is a product at £12 and yep, it wont settle. Cant even get to settle screen


Edit, i deleted it and started again it worked.