Tickets count for each payment


Hi All;

Can I ask, how to add tickets count for each payment type in workperiod report?



You might struggle as believe that uses a report payments expression which May make difficult to count tickets. Could easily be done seperatly using a report ticket details counting say id with a constraint using ticket payment type.

Not sure on your aim but what would you expect a ticket with two payments using same payment type to be reported as? 1?


You can start with this:

[Ticket Payments:0.01,1.1,1.1,3.1,3,3, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2]

>|TID|NUM|Date Time|Customer|Table|Ticket Total|Cash|CC|CA|PAY TTL|CHG|+/-

|{REPORT TICKET DETAILS:T.Id,T.TicketNumber:T.Id==$1}|{REPORT TICKET DETAILS:T.Date,T.Time:T.Id==$1:{0} {1}}|{REPORT TICKET DETAILS:EN.Customers:T.Id==$1}|{REPORT TICKET DETAILS:EN.Tables:T.Id==$1}|[=F(TN('{REPORT TICKET DETAILS:T.TotalAmount:T.Id==$1}'),'0.00;(0.00); ')]|[=F(TN('{REPORT PAYMENT DETAILS:P.Amount.Sum:T.Id==$1 AND ((PT=Cash HNL) OR (PT=Cash USD))}'),'0.00;(0.00);-')]|[=F(TN('{REPORT PAYMENT DETAILS:P.Amount.Sum:T.Id==$1 AND ((PT=Credit Card HNL) OR (PT=Credit Card USD))}'),'0.00;(0.00);-')]|[=F(TN('{REPORT PAYMENT DETAILS:P.Amount.Sum:T.Id==$1 AND (PT=Customer Account)}'),'0.00;(0.00);-')]|[=F(TN('{REPORT PAYMENT DETAILS:P.Amount.Sum:T.Id==$1}'),'0.00;(0.00);-')]|[=F(TN('{REPORT CHANGE PAYMENT TOTAL:T.Id==$1}'),'0.00;(0.00);-')]|[=F((TN('{REPORT PAYMENT DETAILS:P.Amount.Sum:T.Id==$1}')-TN('{REPORT TICKET DETAILS:T.TotalAmount:T.Id==$1}')-TN('{REPORT CHANGE PAYMENT TOTAL:T.Id==$1}')),'0.00;(0.00);-')]

>> | | | | |GRAND TOTALS|[=F(TN('{REPORT TICKET DETAILS:T.TotalAmount.Sum}'),'0.00;(0.00);-')]|[=F(TN('{REPORT PAYMENT DETAILS:P.Amount.Sum:(PT=Cash HNL) OR (PT=Cash USD)}'),'0.00;(0.00);-')]|[=F(TN('{REPORT PAYMENT DETAILS:P.Amount.Sum:(PT=Credit Card HNL) OR (PT=Credit Card USD)}'),'0.00;(0.00);-')]|[=F(TN('{REPORT PAYMENT DETAILS:P.Amount.Sum:(PT=Customer Account)}'),'0.00;(0.00);-')]|[=F(TN('{REPORT PAYMENT DETAILS:P.Amount.Sum}'),'0.00;(0.00);-')]|[=F(TN('{REPORT CHANGE PAYMENT TOTAL: }'),'0.00;(0.00);-')]|[=F((TN('{REPORT PAYMENT DETAILS:P.Amount.Sum}')-TN('{REPORT TICKET DETAILS:T.TotalAmount.Sum}')-TN('{REPORT CHANGE PAYMENT TOTAL: }')),'0.00;(0.00);-')]


@QMcKay :slight_smile: Thank you


@JTRTech Iā€™m taking about a period, for example a month, you make transactions everyday some cash, credit, or customer account. the purpose is how many tickets closed in each payment type, that help in auditing at the end of day or on closing month.


What if someone pays with more than 1 payment type?


@kendash, in this case every payment type is count as a separate ticket