Tickets Screen and ORDER COUNT



How can i hide the total on ticket screen footer.

Further how can i show the number or items in a ticket. {ORDER COUNT} Shows total items in the ticket but i need to only the number of items printed in one single ticket. Eg. if i have 10 items in an order, 3 may be printed in 1 Ticket and the rest are shown in another kitchen Ticket . I need to show
3 /10 Items in the first ticket and 7/10 in next ticket


You can’t hide the total amount on bottom



I did that. Its possible by right clicking the sum total field and remove the tick on sum in the menu . Logout and restart Sambapos.


Do you mean ticket explorer or ticket screen. In ticket explorer yes you can. In ticket screen where you place orders no you can’t. Please clarify.


Yes its the Ticket explorer screen.

Further please help print the count of items printed on each ticket when there are multiple prints for one single ticket